Generate Novel Data with Conditional GANs.

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a conceptually quite exciting deep learning approach that lets us produce new data samples across various modalities such as images, video, text, sound or structured tabular data.

While sitting on the backseat in terms of the global business value it currently generates (in comparison to…

Using Zero-Shot Classification with Hugging Face Transformers 🤗 to Support Emotional Intelligence in a Journaling Context.

Picking up journaling can bring surprisingly many benefits ranging from improvements in mindfulness, memory, or sleep routine to reduced stress and immune system boost.

One of the key ideas is that journaling helps us reflect on thoughts and feelings as we recount and organise past events. And this is where…

Organize over 400 concepts in space based on their semantic similarity (using a GloVe model pre-trained on 2 billion Tweets).

On the second look, the scarry-looking plot uncovers meaningful spatial relationships (eg. tasks of detecting hate speech, abusive language and emotions are embeded close to each other).

Machine learning is delivering value to a rapidly increasing breadth of industries. Often in a form of clever and novel use cases that…

Frantisek Nushart

Data product designer & founder. MEng Cognitive Informatics, Ma Entrepreneurship.

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